CBDfx Hemp Cream – 100mg (30 ml)

CBDfx Hemp Cream – 100mg (30 ml)


The CBDfx CBD cream is pharmacist-formulated and made in America. With a combination of high quality CO2 extracted CBD, white willow bark extract and caffeine, this cream is perfect for soothing “hot spots” on your body.

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USP Water, Menthol, Hydroxylated Lecithin, Acrylic Polymer, Caffeine Anhydrous, Sodium Bicarbonate, White Willow Bark Extract 98%, Organic Hemp Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Benzoate


CBD Cream 100mg

WHY CBDfx LOTION 100mg? Experience the luxurious effect of broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil blended with other natural soothing and natural analgesic ingredients, such as menthol and white willow bark.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You want to apply a high quality lotion to areas of pain, inflammation, or skin eruptions in sensitive places, such as around your face and neck.

WHY CBDFX? Our CBD comes from plants grown organically at our state-of-the-art partner farms right here in the USA. We use a CO2-based extraction process, so we get the purest, broad-spectrum CBD without toxic chemical solvents. Our CBD oil comes with all of the nourishing terpenes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins found in the hemp plant. CBDfx Lotion 100mg is also made with other natural ingredients, but no animal gelatins or cheap fillers.

HOW DO I USE IT? Follow label directions. Squirt one pump of the lotion onto your fingertips and gently massage it where you need it most, taking care to avoid any mucous membranes. Apply a small amount to just one spot first and wait about 30 minutes to see how you react to it before using more.

ANY SIDE EFFECTS? CBDfx Lotion 100 mg is an all-natural topical treatment that’s as safe to use as any ordinary moisturizing cream. You may feel a cooling (or warming) sensation on your skin shortly after applying it. Beyond that, it has zero to minimal side effects, including no psychoactive effects.


100 mg of 100% organically grown broad-spectrum CBD in a 30 ml bottle
Includes a small amount of caffeine to stimulate blood flow and help ease inflammation
Contains menthol and white willow bark, two proven natural analgesics
CBDfx products are tested for quality and purity by an independent, 3rd party laboratory and the reports are available for your review.


Apply a small amount to affected area and rub in. Repeat every 4-6 hours.

This product can only be used topically. Keep away from eyes.


What is the difference between CBD lotion and CBD cream?
The terms “lotion” and “cream” are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference to skin-care experts. Both CBD lotion and CBD cream are topical treatments that let you apply CBD-infused product on your skin, where it can be absorbed quickly. Lotions tend to be lighter and less oily than creams, so they soak in fast and leave little or no residue on your skin. CBDfx Lotion 100 mg is non-greasy and it has a pleasant, minty scent.

Does CBD cream help pain?
CBDfx Lotion 100mg contains known natural analgesics, including white willow bark and menthol, that enhance its soothing effects. “I have chronic lower back pain from an old injury and knee pain from a surgery gone wrong,” says Stacy P. “This lotion works well for both areas. And it smells nice.”

Does CBD cream help cramps?
Menstrual cramps are caused by contractions in the uterus, which are triggered by prostaglandins, a type of hormone that’s connected to pain and inflammation. With CBDfx Lotion 100 mg, you can apply a dose of soothing cream right to the area where the cramps are most uncomfortable. You’ll quickly feel a cooling effect from the menthol that should ease your pain right away while giving yourself a potent topical dose of CBD.

Does CBD cream help eczema?
CBDfx Lotion 100mg contains a blend of ingredients that may help relieve discomfort associated with outbreaks of eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. The exclusive formula for CBDfx Lotion 100mg includes white willow bark to calm skin irritation and caffeine to stimulate circulation to problem areas. Menthol, another natural pain reliever, also has a cooling effect that can make skin conditions less uncomfortable.

CBDfx Lotion 100mg is beneficial for dry skin, too. “I recently had knee replacement and this CBD lotion has helped relieve the itching and extra sensitivity of the surgical site,” says Carolyn B.

Does CBD cream help with inflammation?
We’ve formulated this CBD Lotion to help ease “hot spots” throughout the body that might be inflamed or painful. While CBD has not yet been approved by the FDA as a treatment for pain or inflammation, we’ve included it along with some well-known natural analgesics and soothing skincare ingredients to help you get relief when your body needs it.

Should I buy the CBDfx Lotion 100mg or 150mg?
CBDfx offers you choices so you can find the product that’s best for your needs. If you’re new to CBD or topicals, or if you are treating an especially sensitive area—such as your face or neck—CBDfx Lotion 100 mg is usually the best product for you to start with.

Have you used CBD topicals before and want a stronger dose? Do you have a large area of your body where you want to apply CBD cream? In those cases, go with CBDfx Lotion 150 mg.

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