CBDfx Terpenes Vape Pen – Sour Diesel 50mg

CBDfx Terpenes Vape Pen – Sour Diesel 50mg

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Packing an impressive 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD in addition to a potent selection of nutrient-rich terpenes, this is your new favorite disposable CBD pen. With its sharp, fuel-like aroma and flavor, Sour Diesel is a bonafide legend of cannabis culture that instantly evokes the heady and energizing reputation of the famous strain.


50mg CBD per pen
Broad-spectrum, organically grown CBD
Disposable, no charging required
Rich in terpenes


WHY 50mg? CBDfx has found that 50mg is just about perfect for a disposable pen of this size. This can be classified as “medium concentration”, which should be ideal for the majority of customers ordering it.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You love CBD and want to get the true Sour Diesel flavor and aroma experience in each and every hit. Pungent, citrus-y, and reminiscent of the diesel fuel for which it’s named, Sour Diesel has been around since 1991 and is considered a classic strain for a reason.

WHY Choose CBDFX? This pen uses broad-spectrum, organically farmed CBD that has less than 0.3% THC and is extracted via the completely clean CO2 method. CBDfx products (including this one) are always all-natural and free of filler ingredients or chemicals that interfere with the quality and purity of hemp. Each of their products is tested and examined by third-party labs in order to guarantee the exceptional experience that our customers deserve.

ANY SIDE EFFECTS? CBD is an all-natural, plant-based compound that isn’t known to cause any serious side effects. The most common reported side effects of CBD usage are drowsiness and dry mouth. As of now, scientists don’t believe it is possible to “overdose” on CBD, and it is considered non-toxic.

Recommended Use:
You can vape this pen straight out of the box since it doesn’t need to be charged. Once you’ve run out of liquid, just dispose of it and move on to a fresh one.

Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Terpenes, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil

What’s Unique About Terpenes?
Terpenes are non-cannabinoid compounds that naturally exist within the hemp plant and help to give each strain its unique scent. Every terpene boasts its own unique chemical composition that can may potentially provide a positive effect on the user. By vaping a pen that includes terpenes alongside CBD, you’re betting on a major area of CBD research right now known as the “entourage effect” – the possibility that terpenes and CBD together are more powerful than either alone.

How Is Vaping CBD Different From Ingesting It?
When you vape CBD, you’ll likely experience its effects in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, the effects typically don’t last as long as they do when you ingest CBD. Also, many people simply prefer vaping CBD because they find it to be more convenient and enjoyable.

Is This Product Strong Enough to Give Me Relief?
While the Terpenes Pen OG Kush has a “low to moderate” concentration of CBD (50mg total), it’s extremely high in terpenes and other nutritive compounds. Therefore, a little goes a long way. Because of the nature of vape pens, you can decide how much CBD you wish to consume at any given time by the number of puffs that you take.

What is the purpose of using terpenes in CBD?
By opting to buy CBD products that also are rich in terpenes, you’re basically killing two birds with one stone: you’re getting that all-important dose of CBD, but also taking the extra step of fortifying yourself with an array of terpenes that may hold some pretty amazing nutritional value.